dab oilThe cannabis oil concentrate market has E-pen oil and Pure oil: the marijuana culture calls it dab oil (pure oil aka dab oil: pic illustration in the blog). Yes, there are many highly specialized products in the concentrate market, but I am going to focus on the most popular: the pen oil that is prefilled into a vaporizer cartridge.

On one hand, we have pure oil. Pure oil is properly purged and purely refined, and it has a high viscosity; it’s thick and has a sticky consistency between solid and liquid: it’s not runny. Pure oil will not vaporize easily in the e-cig pen cartridge, if at all. We tested the cartridge by filling it with WAM Oil’s pure Co2 oil, and the oil (i.e. dab oil) clogged the device. On the other hand, the starting material for making E-pen oil is pure oil. The difference between pure and e-pen oil is that there is an added ingredient/carrier to make E-pen oil so that the oil vaporizes easily in the cartridge. The e-cig cartridge that you buy prefilled with cannabis oil at the dispensary/access point is normally filled with E-pen oil. To sum it up: Pure oil is not runny and has a high viscosity; E-pen oil is less viscous and has a carrier to help the oil vaporize easier in the vaporizer unit.

You will find many oil manufacturers claim that they do not add a carrier to their oil, and that it’s “pure oil.” While it may be true that there is no added ingredient in the oil, I would inspect the product closely. If the oil is less viscous and it looks like soup, moving easily in the cartridge, I’d ask: what is the residual solvent in the oil, because as I stated, pure oil has a high viscosity (see illustrated pic) and it does not move like soup. And, while it’s impossible to remove all of the residual solvent (water is a solvent), if it resembles soup then most likely the residual solvent is high and may be ethanol: who knows, but it’s best to ask questions.

As manufacturers, it is our responsibility to do our very best to find ways to remove solvents that contaminate the material, and we should work together, as a community, to make sure that we create safe products for people.