Vaping Alcohol Residuals

residual alcohol jarSince the electronic pen made its debut in the cannabis community, I’ve been thinking about the kinds of  oil products that are packaged into these really cool and discreet devices. These devices use vape rather than burn the oil.

Vape pens have become a popular delivery method for cannabis oil, and it is sought out by many inexperienced cannabis users; it looks sleek, is discreet to use in public spaces with very little aromatic scent and some say it is considered healthier than burning the oil. But discreet as it may be, I have also read the harm it may cause if you are not careful. An article written and published in June of 2013 reported that people were getting inebriated by “vaping” also called “huffing” alcohol rather than drinking.people were getting inebriated by “vaping” also called “huffing” alcohol rather than drinking. Vaping alcohol is not a new trend but it is a new popular weight loss remedy because rather than drinking the calories, a person is vaping the alcohol through dry ice and a straw.

The phenomenon is parallel to oil processors who use any alcohol as their primary solvent and do not purge or crystallize the material in a proper manner. This is a concern because a person may be getting drunk from vaping the residual alcohol content and stoned from the THC in cannabis oil. I believe that the effect on how inebriated a person becomes is dependent on the individual’s body weight, and alcohol and cannabis tolerance level. Also, the electronic pen can be a deceptive tool if you are not careful; it doesn’t feel like your inhaling much from the pen but it slowly creeps up on you and it can do significant damage to your psychological disposition and impair your judgment if you over do it.

Vaping cannabis oil that has not been purged or crystallized properly may still contain a high alcohol residual content, which may be ideal for a person looking to get high and drunk at the same time. There are also recipes such as the Green Dragon that ferment the cannabis with alcohol which can be consumed as a shot or in a drink. Vaping alcohol mixed with cannabis oil would be delivered straight into the bloodstream without passing through the liver, which would make it quite potent and potentially dangerous for the consumer who is not paying attention to the amount of cannabis and residual alcohol left in the cannabis after processing.

The message that I would like to convey to you is that you are free to buy and consume the products you want but please beware of what’s in the product before you consume via orally, vaping or smoking.