The potential bad implications of dabbing wax

I have discussed dabbing before in my past blogs but for those that do not know: to dab is to drop a rice grain size of wax or refined oil into a hot titanium bowl and inhale.

As a patient, I am always considering the effects of what I put into my body. In the cannabis market, there are many new products for the patient/consumer to consider and not a lot of background on how they make them. The product that I have been concerned with is raw oil. It has been around for many years so while not a new product it is popular because it is cheap to make and buy.

PhotoGrid_1397842183041What is raw oil? Raw oil is unrefined oil, and it is pictured on the left side; that is the whole plant extraction that has not had the waxes, lipids and chlorophyll removed from the extracted oil; it is the entire plant and its impurities. It is my belief that eating raw oil is safer to consume since it is digested through the liver but frankly, another thing to inhale into your lungs in its unrefined state.

DAB RIGThe pic you see here on the left is a dab rig with wax build-up on it.

The research, of course, is in its infantile stages when it comes to concentrates and products made with it. Nevertheless, since we do not know for sure what the true effects are then it is up to us to decide whether a product is safe for us to consume. When I think about waxes and lipids, I know that they coagulate when cooled so I have to wonder what it does after we have inhaled it into our lungs. In fact, I wonder how many people diagnosed with upper respiratory infections are dabbing wax.

Frankly, I am not surprised that certain companies are selling raw cannabis oil extracts on the market. It seems that anything goes when it comes to marketing products for profit. Raw oil is cheaper to make, it requires minimal labor and it is quick to market.

If you should decide to try dabbing wax, do so in moderation. As always, when you are considering whether to try a product, please consider what the long term affects will be to your health.