SCCO2 Extractor Process

SCCO2 ExtractorThis SCCO2 extractor produces the absolute smoothest and great tasting, safest and purest most effective medicinal cannabis extract on the market for its patients. While other cannabis companies use solvents to extract cannabinoids from cannabis that leave toxic residues thereby potentially harming the health of its patients; CO2 is a carbon dioxide extraction solvent for botanicals and is considered an all-natural product that leaves no toxic residues behind. When it comes to a pure extraction, nothing compares to what a commercial Supercritical/Subcritical CO2 machine produces.

The supercritical/subcritical machine extracts the fluid solvent in either a high or low pressure, which makes it the most effective and efficient way to extract valuable essentials from the cannabis plant unlike any other extraction method on the market. The process involves taking the cannabis plant material and putting it in a pressure vessel and pumping a particular liquefied gas or liquid solvent through it at a specific pressure and temperature. The pressure forces the solvent into the cell walls of the cannabis plant and separates the desired components. The end result is a pure medicinal cannabis product for patients to consume.