Holistic and Allopathic, they both have their place

The holistic approach to overall health and wellness is the belief that whole plant treats the whole person and it is the heart of traditional herbal medicine. It is used as a preventative measure. Whole plant holistic is meant to treat the underlying causes of diseases. While allopathic medicine refers to the practice of conventional medicine which breaks the body into organs and works in a systematic way to treat the symptom by targeting particular cellular pathways with synthetic drugs or simply apply physical interventions such as surgery to treat or suppress symptoms.

Synthetic drugs are complex and may create costly side effects. For example: certain synthetic drugs made for diabetes work but its effectiveness is short lived and reduced thereby, requiring the patient be administered additional drugs to either counter the side effects of the current medication or fill the need the current one no longer fills. And that can be quite costly. According to a Reuters article certain diabetic drugs may be associated with the risk of death. Death, I have to make a choice to take a drug that is meant to treat one ailment but could cause death, which should I choose? One will surely cause death if I do not take the drug while the other may kill me as I walk out the door. They both cause death at some point. Well, it’s unfortunate that something meant to help us could possibly kill us but it is true. Some chemical modifications made to synthetic drugs may help but those synthetic modifications sometimes create other side effects that not only harm us but put pressure on current healthcare systems and our pockets.

I am not saying that all synthetic drugs are bad for you but what I am saying is to consider healthier choices, if you can. Look for healthier alternatives but always consider the illness or ailment. I’ll provide an example that required me to do some critical thinking and where herbal medicine did not resolve but a semisynthetic drug did: strep throat. For 2.5 weeks I tried everything to cure this soar throat: cannabis flower, cannabis oil, cannabis tinctures, home remedies, over the counter remedies but I still could not get over this recurring high fever and terrible soar throat. I took a look in my mouth and found sacks of puss that required medical attention. In the end I needed antibiotics. Once I took the antibiotic, I was well within 2 days. So, always consider the ailment, see your doctor before making any decisions on your overall health. Is the ailment life threatening or not? Be thoughtful and smart in your healthcare choices. Be proactive and be well.