Not all Concentration oils are Equal

The medical cannabis market has had a large influx of Cannabis oil, also known as hash oil, for patients/public consumption. Cannabis oil is a resinous viscous oil obtained from cannabis, also known as marijuana, by using a solvent. A solvent is a liquid substance used to dissolve another substance. Some popular solvents used for extracting cannabis oil are Isopropyl alcohol (aka Iso and QWISO), Butane (BHO), Naptha and Co2; there’s also Ethyl alcohol, Hexane and Propane. I will discuss the popular solvents used for extracting oil, as not all oils are equal. Butane, Isopropyl/Ethanol-Ethyl Alcohol and CO2- Carbon Dioxide.

BUTANE: Butane solvent is used to extract cannabis and it’s made into BHO (aka Butane Honey Oil). A properly processed butane extraction consists of a series of purging and recrystallization in the process in order to remove as much of the hazardous residual heavy metals in the end-product.


  • If the extraction/process is not performed by an experienced processor who understands the importance of recrystallizing and purging a butane extraction, the product may potentially have high residual heavy metals in it thereby, making it a potential serious health hazard.
  • Butane is volatile, flammable and it’s a hazardous solvent.

ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL (ISO-QWISO): Isopropyl alcohol is used to extract the cannabis oil. Once the material has been washed with alcohol then, the alcohol is removed by evaporating it from the oil through cooking at very low temperatures or, allowing the oil to sit at room temperature and evaporate.


  • Individuals have reported hallucinations, and/or have become very ill after the use of oil with high residual alcohol levels.
  • Click Research indicates residual Isopropyl alcohol poisoning to review the signs of intoxication.
  • Alcohol is volatile, flammable and it’s a hazardous solvent.



  • CO2 is non-flammable.
  • It’s natural to our environment and we breathe it every day.
  • It has superior levels of contaminant removal because of the pressure and temperature settings the extraction is performed.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • The result of SFE Co2 is pure and transparent amber oil without any harmful residuals.
  • Non-Toxic to consume.


  • Over exposure for workers of over 5,000 ppm= .5% of the air volume may be hazardous. This can simply be avoided by proper air ventilation and flow.
  • If the processor is removing the waxes and lipids using alcohol then the oil needs to be fully purged in order to remove the residual alcohol solvent. A properly purged and refined oil will not work well in a vape pen. If the oil has fluidity then, the product has either residual solvent in it or they added an ingredient to the oil in order to make the delivery device perform.

See also NW Leaf on the review of concentrations and residual harmful effects

WAM’s gentle extraction process removes residual solvent while maintaining the plant’s natural flavor. WAM Oil’s purely-refined oil is considered the premier cannabis oil in Washington State that is often imitated, never duplicated by many other Co2 extractors.