NFL players prefer cannabis over alcohol and prescribed drugs

nfl-marijuana-football-hbtv-hemp-beach-tvI have personally seen the negative effects of alcohol. When a person is heavily intoxicated with alcohol, he or she may lose control and hurt themselves or others and engage in criminal activity. I have heard of drunk driving leading to deaths, arrests, violent outbursts, domestic violence, shootings, rape and other criminal activity that compromises a person’s integrity. I personally am allergic to alcohol and can only consume a small amount; consuming more than my limit has caused blackouts and most times obnoxious behavior that my partner can’t handle. I have experimented with how alcohol affects me and there is a point when I feel my brainwave activity shift and I begin to feel an out of body experience; this is when I know that it’s time to take my tush h0me. My cannabis experiment and experience has never made me feel like my personality has been altered in a way that makes me do bad things. I may feel tired, happy, peaceful and my pain eradicated but I have never experienced my brain undergo a chemical reaction that alters my personality for the worse.

In the professional sports arena, there is immense pressure, stress, anxiety and injuries. I often hear and read about players involved in domestic violence and other criminal activity while intoxicated. One day a person is on top of the world and the next day in court defending their life against a crime they committed, mostly due to alcohol intoxication. If we can alleviate pain and relieve our daily stress with cannabis why shouldn’t professional sport athletes be able to medicate?

Our society is under a great amount of stress and pressure to perform. We are socially constructed to reach for that drink after work with friends and when we’re stressed. Rather than decompress with a drink which could add up to many more and lead to salacious and criminal behavior; why not decompress with a short vape hit session to alleviate your pain and stress.

NFL Players to use cannabis as part of therapeutic treatment