Liquor Control Board Proposes Ban on Concentrate Forms

Recent Washington State news brings the need for the cannabis community to unite and address the draft rules and regulations issued by the Liquor Control Board (LCB) for the cannabis community. The Liquor Control Board (LCB) has drafted rules that outlaw the sale of hash, hash oil and shatter from the cannabis market. The state will, however, allow cannabis infused products so long as they are not sold in its concentrated pure form.

I’m not sure the LCB understand how important it is for patients to have access to concentrated forms of cannabis oil to manage their severe pain and other illnesses. WAM has patients that can’t alleviate their pain unless they vaporize with our Shatter. We have a particular patient who has smoked cannabis flower, ate medibles, consumed tinctures, and vaporized with cannabis oil but the only cannabis product that helps alleviate her chronic pain is Shatter. If the LCB outlaws the oil products then our patient will have to resort to unhealthy treatment options like the opiates her doctor has prescribed to her in the past. Our patient does not want to consume opiates to relieve her pain, because she feels that the drugs are harsh on her body.

The cannabis community and patients need to please come together and think about the patient’s access to their preferred choice of cannabis products.  If you are interested in finding out more about the LCB rules and regulations, please feel free to contact WAM at 206-457-8848 for more details on how you can learn more about getting involved.