Leaky Cartomizers! Get your WAM Oil EPen Refills!

Product pensSince the debut of the Vape pens, we have found them to be overwhelmingly popular by the vast population of people that do not understand concentrates and problematic, at times. Sometimes they don’t work, or leak all over itself and on the pen you just bought. WAM is not in the pen manufacturing business, we are in the oil business and the pens are inexpensive delivery devices for the user. A few things that you should think about when you purchase your cartomizer. First, do not store in warm or hot temperatures; the device will contract and expand and cause it to explode. Do not store upside down; the cartomizer is filled and topped, not sealed, with a blue plug that is hidden within the mouthpiece that will likely leak if the device is kept upside down for an extended  long period of time. If your cartomizer does not work, it may be due to the fact that the cartomizer is not making contact with the battery pen. Should this happen flip the cartomzier upside down and you will see a doughnut hole, lightly stick the end of a small binder clip and very gently tug up just so the airway is opened. This should take care the problem with contact.

If you take all the precautionary instructions and you are still having issues, check with your access point and ask about their replacement policy. If they do not provide a replacement for you, contact us and we will ask that you return the unused portion of the cartomizer so that we can return it and we will provide a replacement.

If you get fed up with your cartomizers leaking, we provide .5 gram refills and 1 gram refills for personal pens: buy yourself a pen and fill it with WAM Oil. We recommend the Kangertech. The oil taste so much better in a tank than in a plastic container from China. Ask your local access point owner about our Epen refills, and if they don’t carry them then you should insist they do because you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the sweetness that life has to offer.