Hash Oil Explosions

Today, John Hopperstad reporter at Q13 Fox News visited our facility to interview Brandon Hamilton, the founder of WAM Oil regarding proper safety methods used to extract cannabis oil.
Brandon and our team began to work with different methodologies such as quick Isopropyl wash, butane and now perfecting our Co2 extraction processes and methods to provide one of the cleanest, purest and healthiest cannabis oil concentrate on the market in a safe environment. And he is using his expertise today to help our industry keep our families, friends and communities safe by providing education to the community at large.

Folks it may be easy to extract cannabis oil but that’s not the issue; the issue is public safety. Butane, which is one of the many solvents that are easy to attain and is used to extract cannabis oil is a flammable product that can be ignited with the slightest electrical charge such as your cell phone, refrigerator, fans, lights, pressure cookers, electrical heating elements etc. The best way to extract cannabis oil is to use a non-flammable solvent and a closed loop system that has pressurized valves that decompress when there is too much pressure. Please consider the safety of your family, friends and neighbors when extracting cannabis oil and think about what you are using to process your material and get informed about the do’s and don’ts on solvents