Former Microsoft manager suggests amnesty for drug cartel

I just finished reading David Green Beaker’s article Pot to mint more millionaires than Microsoft and it is disconcerting on so many levels that I felt it was important to weigh in on the issue.

First, to think that the drug cartel will relinquish their horrifying tactics to protect their monetary interest if they are given amnesty is arrogant, ignorant or naive.  I’m stunned that Jamen Shively would suggest amnesty to these groups that slaughter many people to protect their interest. Drug cartels are hiring for hit. And killing journalist who dare to report on the group. I’m originally from the South and I have family that live down in the Texan southern Mexican border towns who continue to experience atrocities from the drug cartel, and having to explain to them how someone from Washington who, I believe, has not seen the slaughter personally can make such statements is difficult. This sort of statement provokes one to question the relationship between Jamen Shively and the ex-Mexican president Vicente Fox. Amnesty to these violent groups will only provide a loop hole for the group to continue their atrocities world-wide.

Secondly, the only people that will make “millions; billions” are those that are fully funded. Anyone who knows the WA state tax structure for cannabis understands that you will have to spend so much more of your money in order to make money. To date, this is a cash-only based business without a banking structure, something that is being addressed but has not yet been resolved. You have to work your tail off and spend so much more to make any profit that unless you are an established thriving cannabis business today that has major cash or is fully funded, most businesses will most likely be put out of business, or retreat to the underground.

Lastly, call it what you will or laugh it off as a joke but I decided to get into the Cannabis business because I personally experienced a life threatening disease that showed me the value in cannabis and that of helping people with their debilitating pain and dis-ease. For thousands of years, Cannabis and Hemp have been used to alleviate pain, cure diseases, and industrial products and clothing. This article, like many others that can’t seem to get off the millions and billions entrepreneurs will make doesn’t address cannabis history, patients or the genuine use of cannabis to help with the overall wellness of a human being. All it addresses is how “marijuana” is worth billions. Let us not forget how the “marijuana” industry got here; off the backs of legitimate patients, activists and advocates of the plant.