oil rigDabbing, vaping, huffing or puffing cannabis wax is a hot trend; it is a cannabis cultural related activity, and participating patients are usually oil connoisseurs.

Many end-users believe that dabbing wax is healthier, because it is part of the plant. You will even find some oil manufacturers leave the waxes and the lipids in the oil product, because they too believe that it’s good for you. And, they are partially correct; if you eat raw cannabis extract, your body metabolizes the product through your digestive system thereby, delivering healthy cannabinoids into your system. However, dabbing or vaping wax does not go through your digestive system; you are puffing/or huffing it directly into your lungs, like you would a cigarette. Did you see the oil rig on this blog? This is why WAM Oil does what it can to try and clean out all of the waxes and the lipids of its oil products.

After speaking with a few people about their, surprisingly positive, views on wax products, I visited a dab bar. The first thing that I noticed was the condition of the oil rig being used for dabbing; the actual rig pic is the blog pic. As you can see, there is a large amount of residual wax build-up on the oil rig. I already had concerns about patients dabbing wax products, but seeing the condition of the oil rig provoked me to ask: why would I want to dab a product that leaves a tool looking like phlegm? And, what are the long term effects of using this product on the lungs?

The answer to the long-term effects on the use of wax is not clear, because our industry and its research are infantile when it comes to highly specialized products. But even if there isn’t enough research to know exactly what happens to your lungs after you have dabbed wax, I do know that wax melts once it hits a heating element and like wax, it cools and coagulates on the rig. Does this occur in your lungs? Who knows; right now, the important thing for us to do is be diligent and ask questions about the products and their long term use effects.

When deciding to use cannabis products I urge us all to consider our health first. For decades, the cigarette industry sold its product as a safe product and look at where it got them. I do not want to see our industry act irresponsibly and not warn patients/consumers of the long term effects of cannabis use.

The decision to use cannabis is one that you should not take lightly. When purchasing cannabis products one should know that these products affect people differently, and that our tolerance level may not be the same as the next person, or our friend. You should also note; it does not solve your personal problems and depending on the reason you use, it may become addictive in nature. Lastly, one should use caution when using all cannabis products, especially concentrates. I, personally, always caution towards using common sense and logic when considering my health.