Cannabis Products and Harmful Effects

I had someone tell me last night that consuming cannabis could kill you and I’d like to clarify that I have never read a featured article or research article reporting that cannabis flower also known as pot and marijuana can kill you from consuming. However, please note that I have read articles that have reported accidents and deaths involving people who consume and mix cannabis and alcohol. If you mix almost any drug and alcohol, you risk ending your night on a bad note.

In my last blog “Wrong Advice Could Kill!” I discussed how a patient with pancreatitis became extremely ill when she was given a syringe with isopropyl alcohol extract oil. Please note that the danger “usually” comes into play when the cannabis is mixed with something else to process it into an oil extract concentrate or medible, also known as edibles- food and drink. For example, Isopropyl alcohol is what is used to extract the oils from the cannabis, if you can’t have alcohol, consuming this product would be bad for you. Also, there are gardeners also known as growers who garden their flower beds with organic gardening products and others that don’t use organic products; but the complexity occurs when people make oil extract concentrates, food and drinks and a variety of different products that people are making for consumption and application. Don’t be afraid to ask your cannabis consultant what is in the products until you are blue in the face, but I also recommend you do your own research.

Frankly, I am a firm believer in being a proactive patient so I do my best to look into what all doctors tell me because at the end of the day, they may have medical degrees but they are still human and humans make mistakes and the same applies in this industry. Thank you for reading.