Cancer invades and kills Patient Bravado

cancer-twitter-wordsPatient Bravado passed away last week from advanced stages of cancer and I feel very sad. I don’t have permission to mention her name in my blog but I felt that it was necessary to share my experience with you. As a patient myself, it’s been difficult to deal with accepting that I have cancer.

To help our patients, we must identify with the patient and that can be difficult if you are in a place of denial. Before I became involved in this industry, my sickness lived in the dark shadows. I rarely spoke of my illness and I felt stronger then. Today, I feel like I can’t hide away in the shadows because my days are filled with finding ways to help our patients deal with their pain that is caused by many sicknesses.

Patient Bravado’s body, betrayed by cancerous tumors came to WAM 3 weeks ago and I say 3 weeks too late. She was no longer undergoing chemotherapy treatment and, I felt, she was preparing to die. Upon speaking with her partner, I could feel the anguish she was experiencing waiting for her partner to die. At this late stage in the cancer game, Patient Bravado’s goal was to minimize her pain. And we were honored that she and her partner trusted us enough to provide her with WAM Oil to help alleviate her pain and die in peace. We were desperate to help her but her body already had betrayed her and she no longer could move. She quickly deteriorated before we could do anything substantial for her and she passed away this last week.

I did not meet Patient Bravado, and yet I feel connected to her. The gift she gave to all of us at WAM helped me personally reflect and reconcile with my own mortality and that is a gift that I will graciously accept. I feel inspired to continue performing the necessary research on cannabis and its healing essential oils so that people may heal themselves. My hope is that this experience will help me continue to be a compassionate healer and helper. Living with cancer is an ordeal but living with tumors ravaging your body with blood sucking cancerous cells is even harder. Our patient was brave to abandon her chemotherapy, reconcile with her own death and die. My heart does feel sadness but my hope is that our Patient Bravado is now resting in peace and that her partner sleeps better at night knowing that she no longer has to endure the pain of seeing her partner live in pain.