Billboards and fancy packaging do not equal safe products

indexThe latest craze and praise has been re-branding cannabis, also known as recreational marijuana. I’m not saying that companies who have billboards and fancy packaging all make bad products but I am saying that you should ask MANY questions about marijuana flowers and infused products such as edibles, pills and hash oil. While approving the move to re-brand cannabis, billboards and pretty packaging does not equal healthy products to consume. Vaping, dabbing, smoking, pills and eating marijuana products require the consumer to be proactive and ask many questions about the products they are consuming. The most important question should be about the long term effects of certain cannabis products you buy. Buying cannabis products is not like buying a can of soda or a box of crackers; it’s far more complicated. Please remember that none of the products you see at retail and/or medical dispensaries are FDA approved, yet. So, evaluate the package and inquire about the claims made on the package. And, ask questions about plant strain known affects, solvents used in the process, solvent residuals; dosage and test results. For more information contact me at: