Cannabis oil made simple

When Brandon and I got into the cannabis business in 2011 most businesses were not discussing terpene or cannabinoid profiles, all they were concerned with was THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis known to get you stoned and, companies were competing for the highest THC values in testing. Growers would bring us their material to process because we had some of the highest THC values but we also had some of the best tasting oil.

While most people in the industry were busy discussing THC, we were concerned mostly with whole plant medicine and what the cannabinoid and terpene profiles meant in relation to our health and wellness. We were extracting dried cannabis material that was not only testing high in THC values but we were pulling in results for CBC, CBG, CBD and so forth and we wanted to know what that meant and how.

We asked the lab facility that was handling our testing what they thought about our test results but they were not sure. It was a mystery, generally CO2 extraction pressure and temperatures strip terpene (taste and smell) profile and convert cannabinoids into THC and our oil results were showing otherwise. Moreover, patients talked about how our oil was different and made them feel completely at ease while eradicating their pain and other oils made them feel too high and sometimes sick. I wanted to know exactly why we were pulling in other cannabinoids and not converting it all into THC.

So, we purposely ran the extractor at the highest allowable temperatures and pressures for the system and discovered that the amount of heat applied converts cannabinoids into THC. We proved that point when we extracted CBD dried material at the max high temperature and converted a high CBD dried plant into THC. Every cannabinoid has a conversion point and apparently, we had managed to convert CBD into THC. We learned that it does not take much to tweek the controls of your machine to alter the taste, smell and flavor of your oil.

Over the years, through extensive play with our extractor, we have managed to find the right temperature to produce a consistent product that people enjoy using for their personal needs. I am happy to say that our simple and gentle extraction process has produced, and continues to produce some of the best tasting natural cannabis oil made from the plant. Our process remains simple with very little processing, which means that you do not have to worry about not knowing what it is you are vaporizing. The process is simple: Food Grade Co2, organic alcohol to filter and clean out the waxes, lipids and chlorophyll because we do not believe that you should be inhaling impurities from the plant, distill the organic alcohol out of the oil and into the oven to remove the residual alcohol.It takes us approximately one month from extraction, processing to curing. We work hard to please the end user and as a result, we get test results that back up our great tasting oil that will keep you coming back for more.