WAM Oil, a Seattle-based innovative and savy concentrate producer specializing in Co2 cannabis oil extractions was the first cannabis extraction company in Washington State to package, brand and market cannabis CO2 vapor oil concentrate in a pen.
Initially, the original founder of WAM Oil recognized the healing effects of cannabis oil when his partner was diagnosed with cancer. In conjunction with partner and team, WAM Oil started extracting cannabis oil with alcohol, moved to butane and graduated to CO2 in order to provide a safe and purely refined cannabis oil concentrate on the market. WAM Oil’s proprietary extraction and refinement process removes all solvents (Co2, water and pure grain organic alcohol) while maintaining intact terpene profile that provide a flavorful oil without artificial flavoring or terpene enhancement. WAM Oil’s purely refined oil considered the premier cannabis oil in Washington State.

Our Mission:

To provide access to a purely-refined Co2 cannabis oil concentrate that is healthy and flavorful for people to consume.

Our Vision:

To nurture and foster social and political relationships that transform societal views on cannabis use and its affect on an individual’s overall outlook.


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Washington State Medical Cannabis: RCW 69.51A: Medical Marijuana: Initiative Measure 502:

We understand the privacy of our web site visitors. The information and feedback we receive from all of our visitors is only used to further improve the product we produce for consumption. Please note that research on cannabis and its cannabinoid profile seem to indicate that certain cannabinoids may help ease pain and thereby you may experience numbness and other side effects. Please take precaution and know that you may experience a lack of concentration, coordination and judgment. Please do not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery under the influence of cannabis. Please keep out of reach of children. Please consult your treating physician if you are pregnant or breast feeding or are moving to alter your medication regimen. The research on cannabis and its medicinal application is documented around the world but please note that the studies have not undergone a a peer review by the medical community nor has the FDA approved the medicinal use of cannabis. It remains a federal offense and a schedule 1 drug.